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Photography Workshops





Perfect for the novice, our Photography Fundamentals workshop is designed to help you achieve better results from your digital camera with no previous knowledge required. Based in our comfortable Bunbury studio we cover essential camera theory, guide you through the key features of your camera and teach you when and how to use them for instantly better and more creative photos. You will learn how to control the aperture, shutter speed and ISO for absolute creative control of the camera and discover how to shoot confidently in manual mode – no more Auto! 


This hands on workshop offers much more effective learning than online courses. With a maximum of 12 participants you will spend the session having fun with your group while getting the personal help and assistance you require from us. We talk about the theory in easy to understand language, stopping regularly for practical exercises that allow you to practice what you've just learnt with your tutor there to assist you. You will bring your camera, and throughout the session we will show you where all the settings we talk about are on your own equipment so that there is no mystery to solve when you get home, it's all right there done for you. Of course you can ask as many questions as you like along the way too, so that by the time you leave you will feel confident about taking great photos every time you pick up your camera. 

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